To the Editor,

In a recent letter to the editor, Mr. Craig Monk continues his campaign of misinformation regarding the Trinity River Authority. The Authority is not currently providing biosolids to farmers in Ellis County, and has no plans to do so. Mr. Monk provided no basis for his claim that the Authority will “be dumping contaminated sewage on Ellis County soon.” He does not, because he cannot. That statement is a whole cloth fabrication by Mr. Monk, intended to mislead the readership of this paper. In short, it is “fake news,” and consistent with his past practice. His opinions, offered as facts, are not credible.

Biosolids are a natural, safe and endlessly renewable resource that improves the environment, lowers costs to consumers and strengthens agricultural communities. Producing biosolids recovers valuable nutrients, organic matter and energy from treated wastewater.

Biosolids treatment and use are science based; the material undergoes a rigorous set of treatment processes to eliminate harmful elements and potential pathogens. The Authority regularly monitors and tests its biosolids to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local safeguards and the highest quality standards.

The Trinity River Authority has invited Mr. Monk to come and see firsthand the processes used to treat wastewater. He has not taken up that offer.

On a large scale, approximately 45 billion gallons per day – an estimated 182 gallons per person, per day – of wastewater is treated and safely managed in the United States. The beneficial use of biosolids, which are not “sewage” as Mr. Monk claims, is an important part of the wastewater treatment process with a long history of safe, governmentally approved use.

Trinity River Authority