Many folks along the Gulf Coast,

Live with danger of storms and floods,

And with a hurricane,

They know the pain,

And the cost of American blood!

But when the chips are down,

You just look around,

Cause there's lots that they can do,

And best of all, when they hear that call,

The Cajun Navy comes to the rescue. !

Oh, the Cajun Navy is Godsend

And when you see those boats arrive,

It brings joy and hope, and comfort,

Knowing many now will survive!

They're the best of what is America,

And there ain't no doubt it's true,

When ever you're facing danger,

The Cajun Navy will rescue you!

So, Hail to the Cajun Navy!

Their colors are red, white and blue,

So when you're down and out, there ain't no doubt,

They're on their way to rescue you. !

Ron Scott, Waxahachie