In relationships, we have with friends and family, so in the things we think, say and do, are we building a bridge or a wall between certain people in our lives and us?

You may be thinking about someone in your life right now that perhaps things are not what they used to be between the two of you? Why is that?

Perhaps something was said, or maybe you just let yourself get too busy and now you find yourself feeling distant.

Perhaps in a conversation, you said something that now you wish you could take back.

It’s never too late to call or go see that one where walls have begun to be built and to renew that bridge of communication once again.

There is power in the phrase “I’m sorry” or to simply say, “I love you” and I just needed you to know that!

What stands between you and God today?

Is there a bridge there or is it a wall? It’s so easy to get busy and not find the time to spend with God. But it’s so very important.

Get to work and make time to tear down a few walls that have been built and mend a bridge or two by simply saying to a friend and most importantly, to God.

“I’m sorry and I love you”

You’ll be amazed at the outcome of that conversation.

Do Something to make a difference in someone’s life today!