To the Editor,

After being in the courtroom for the entire trial of Dennis Ray Avery seeing things that I can never un-see and hearing things that I can never un-hear, I would like to try to put my thoughts into words. I am doing this for my own wellbeing as much as anything else.

Throughout the four days, evidence and testimony were presented that was particularly heinous. The things that were done to these infants and children are things of a parent’s worst nightmare. I cannot begin to imagine how hard this has been on the parents of these little girls. My prayer is that the girls are young enough that at some point this will no longer be a blip on their radar. However, I’m sure the parents may never be able to trust anyone enough to let them watch their children again and this can affect their lives and relationships forever. I also pray that they get the help they need and at some time they can at least put this terrible thing behind them.

To Investigator Fitzgerald, I have to say, “Well done!” The composure you possess is second to none. How you can sit and listen to what is said to you by some of the worst criminals I can imagine is beyond my comprehension. The way that you seem to befriend these people encouraging them to freely give you more information is nothing short of amazing. You are truly a hero to these little girls, their families and all of Ellis County.

To Judge Ermatinger and everyone in her court, I say, “Thank you for making a terrible situation at least bearable. If I have to be in a courtroom, I would choose yours.”

To the people who came in to speak in defense of Mr. Avery, I can only assume that you did not know the full extent of his crimes against these small, defenseless children. I’m sure that once you heard all the details, you could not defend any of his actions. At least that is what I choose to believe.

To the Avery family; I feel that there is much more to this issue than we know. I also hope that you can get the counseling and help that you need to get through this.

And to our community at large; please be diligent with your children. I don’t believe that any of these parents could have predicted the actions that were brought against their daughters nor could they have stopped them. This is a man who walked amongst us as a deacon in his church, a family man and an employee of the same company for over 30 years. That is what makes his crime so hard to fathom. We all think criminals should look like criminals. Dennis Avery proves that is not true. Evil can lurk in the most unexpected places.


Juror #12