WAXAHACHIE — Mattie Borders has built her life upon the principle of serving others and giving back to the community. Borders, who turned 105 years old this weekend, is now in need of a little help — though she wouldn't ever ask for it.

The window air conditioning unit in Borders' living room recently started leaking water onto the floor and is no longer cooling the residence.

“It just drips all over the house here. It started little more than a week ago,” Borders said. “When it starts (dripping) we cut it off and start using the fan.”

Borders served as a school teacher for 26 years teaching students in Maypearl, Ferris, Midlothian and Waxahachie. After she retired in 1976, Borders served as a substitute teacher for 10 years. She also founded West Ellis County Emergency Services, which is known today as Waxahachie Care.

Leading the efforts to get Borders a new air conditioner is Bridgette Miller, who is the president of the Fuller Center for Housing of Eastside Waxahachie.

“I was just visiting Miss Borders to wish her a happy birthday. She is my mom’s neighbor. We talked for a minute and she said there is some water over there,’” Miller said. “I went to get the mop and thought it was something she spilled. Actually, the water is coming down through the air conditioner and there is a bucket there that had been collecting the water.”

Miller stated that she is concerned with the hot temperatures and how they could have an adverse impact on Borders health if she is not kept cool in her home.

According to the AccuWeather website, during August there have been several days with temperatures in the 90s. It forecasts that temperatures will climb back into the 90s by September.

Miller describes Borders as a person who is a very lovable person, a neighbor that looks out for everyone and a person who has worked to make the community a better place.

“She is well known in the community. For her to be 105 and struggling with an air conditioning unit in this type of heat in Texas with water running down (the wall) really just tore my heart up,” Miller noted. “I am looking for another air conditioner for her. I don’t know if it is tilting where it is causing to leak in there. I don’t think that it is from the rain. It is from the air conditioner. For her to have a bucket there, it had to be happening before.”

Borders shared that she is grateful for the efforts led by Miller and others.

“I love it. It means so much to me. I appreciate everything and everybody,” Borders remarked. “I count my blessings of people knowing me to help.”

People who are interested in helping with this project can contact Miller at 469-658-2483.