Going to mention two things this week. First, while Hurricane Harvey has already made landfall by the time this goes to print, I am going to make a few comments about it. Hopefully, the human and property impact will be minimal, but as one who lived on the Gulf Coast, I fear that will not be the case. Be reminded that our area will also be impacted to a minor degree. Our major roads and highways may get full of people leaving the area, and then fill again when they return some time later. We also may have “new North Texans” for a while. Let’s remember the circumstances they are under, and assist and comfort them where we can.

The second thing is to say a big word of thanks to Paul Stevens. Paul hired me as the Chief of Waxahachie PD in 2007. He has been a friend, supporter, and confidant for years. Thank you, Paul, for all you did for me, and for all you have done for the great City of Waxahachie, and indeed, the surrounding area.