MIDLOTHIAN — The sound of gunfire led to the arrest of a Midlothian resident for alleged possession of methamphetamine.

At approximately 1:18 a.m. on Aug. 8, Midlothian Police arrested Scott Siegelman, 31, near the Midlothian Post Office, located at 211 E. Avenue G.

Siegelman has been charged with possession of greater than 200 grams but fewer than 400 grams of a Grade 1 controlled substance and possession of greater than four grams but less than 200 grams of a second Grade 1 controlled substance.

“(Police) were checking the area looking for a suspicious person,” Midlothian Police Capt. John Spann said. “During that time in the immediate area, they heard what they thought were gunshots coming from a house.”

Spann stated that officers heard several more bangs coming from the backyard of a residence located in the 300 block of Avenue F.

“They went to make contact and Mr. Siegelman was agitated. He didn’t want to talk to the officers. He closed the door on them. They were there for a while trying to talk to him. He said that he would talk but only to a sheriff’s deputy because he did not want to speak to Midlothian Officers,” Spann explained “Once they got a deputy he did come out and speak to officers. At that time they asked his wife and daughter to come out.”

Spann added that officers thought Siegelman appeared nervous and they then contacted the criminal investigations commander. A search warrant was obtained to locate a weapon.

“They wrote the warrant to look for firearms and ammunition because they know he is a convicted felon. They did find the narcotics in plain view and being that there was a 10-year-old in the house, his daughter, they also made a report to Child Protective Services,” Spann stated. “They did note that the substance was within reach of a small child and in the common areas shared by all occupants.”

Spann explained that the substance field-tested for methamphetamine. The search also turned up rifle and shotgun ammunition, but no weapon was found. No charges were filed concerning the ammunition, but officers did take possession of those items.

Siegelman was taken into custody by officers without incident and transported to the Midlothian jail. He was then transferred to the Wayne McCollum Detention Center in Waxahachie.

According to the detention center’s website, Siegelman is no longer listed as an inmate.