MIDLOTHIAN — A former bookkeeper was arrested in connection with the alleged theft of $78,492.

Brandi Davidson, 41, turned herself into the Midlothian Police Department on Aug. 8 and has been charged with theft of property greater than $30,000 but fewer than $150,000.

Midlothian Police Department Capt. John Spann said the theft was reported to police by representatives of the business, Hell Bent Holsters on Sept. 21, 2016

“During the time she was employed, she had a company checkbook and credit card to be used for business reasons. She ended up abusing the credit card and writing checks to herself,” Spann said. “The company noticed something was not right and they hired a forensic accountant who reviewed all the transaction history of Mrs. Davidson. That is when they discovered all of the unauthorized checks and unauthorized use of company funds.”

Spann stated that the business hired Davidson in May of 2015. Members of the firm started noticing discrepancies in May 2016. He added that members of the company said that the unauthorized use of fund started the first day she started work.

Davidson was booked into the Midlothian jail and was later transferred to the Wayne McCollum Detention Center in Waxahachie. According to the detention center’s website, Davidson is no longer listed as an inmate.