To the Editor,

When Meals on Wheels delivered my lunch today it became a special event and a big surprise to me.

Eleven car loads of Ellis County high school mascots and cheerleaders delivered my lunch. It is with great respect and humility that I want to give a special thank you to each person. The mascots costumes are so wonderful. It took much work and imagination to make them. It was good to see them right next to me and be able to shake hands or paws with them. Inside of those costumes are some wonderful people. Also, the cheerleaders are especially talented and beautiful people. It is great that all of these young people can make a sporting event more enjoyable for me.

A special thanks also to Meals on Wheels for the food that volunteers deliver Monday through Friday to elderly people. If you or someone you know needs this meal, call Meals on Wheels at (972) 351-9943.

Charles Atchley, WWII veteran, Waxahachie