To the Editor,

I am addressing this to everyone, so as not to single anyone out. I'm not sure who that might be, but obviously, someone started pulling the strings, put the burr under the saddle, and they have no single authority to do so. So if the shoe fits or you feel attacked personally, it most likely is you, so please keep reading. If you do not get upset, please act like a Council and Board and listen to the message.

Before we drink the kool-aid and really do something to harm this city, I hope each and every one of you will consider your knowledge and background in comparison to those who actually administratively run this City or even a company with as many employees and as high a budget as this City. And who, btw, in a recent renewal session had glowing reviews for his work and leadership.

How many of you have run a company with a budget of even 5 million? How many of you have been responsible for even 15 middle management plus their hundreds of employees? That's not even close to what our administration does.

You were elected to guide the city as a Council, a Board, each vote the same weight as the other. Yes, there is an appointed Mayor, but last I checked there is no more authority in that position as that as a council member.

To allow one person to attempt to tell the Council what to do is more than overstepping authority. It is dangerous.

Should any one person on the Council feel they are actually representing the public, please vote to have the city split into districts, so everyone has a representative. Vote to elect a Mayor. Make it a real position. Let's get some folks in there to do a job, with no other agenda or conflicts, and, heaven forbid, maybe compensate them for it.

We are growing fast, and getting some things done, but speed and the personal whims of some are not worth not carefully planning our future. I appreciate the volunteer government we have had up until this point. But once personalities get in the way, and folks get their feelings hurt, it hampers the City.

There is no emotion in business. The City is a business. You also don't always get what you want, but your job is to make sure the City is here in another 50 years, and has the background and the foundation to thrive.

Firing folks because you can't get your individual agenda done is wrong, I hope you are coming up with a reason to call this meeting is something other than someone (not the Council as a whole) was told "no," and they feel they are the smartest person in the room, because they, unfortunately, are not.

See ya at the meeting.

Coy Sevier, Waxahachie