To the Editor,

It is not very often that I comment on friends and neighbors' birthday parties. However, this birthday deserves an exemption of this principle because "Meg," my friend and neighbor at Grand Reserve in Waxahachie, celebrated her 101st birthday on August 10, 2017.

And the reason for this celebration is that she did not roll in on her wheelchair, she did not walk in with the aid of a walker, she walked in unaided with a big smile on her face to greet the many friends and the people attached to her life that came to celebrate this beautiful occasion of "getting old with dignity" for that she does so well.

Country Lane (the retirement village where we live) had organized the party and people that ordinarily rather watch TV or eat their lunch alone at home, broke loose from that tradition and came to enjoy the potluck lunch provided by friends and neighbors, including myself. Because it is not every day that we walk the long road of life with joy and confidence and happy to be alive for one more wonderful day, we all were happy to be at this very special birthday party. And I am bold to say "see you next year at Meg's birthday party" and thank you for including me.

Doris Wheeler, Waxahachie