To the Editor,

Beyond the popular misconceptions being bantered by around by a few hounds chaining themselves to and continually barking up the wrong tree, nobody is in denial of *Donald Trump being president. Except maybe the Donald himself.

We get it. He got elected president by winning more electoral votes. Not the popular vote. But he's still the president. We have gotten over it albeit the repetitive fostering of the concept by those who keep suggesting that we haven't just to have a foundation for their intolerance. We just haven't gotten the prerequisite trimming so the mandatory MAGA hat will fit. Because it doesn't.

Now, in all honesty, does anyone of reasonable intellect really believe that there is a conspiracy to see *President Trump fail? No one wants to see that or the residual fallout that will cause harm to our country. If anything, could it be that the concern of the preservation of the United States of America should be more important that the constant pumping of patriotic themed air into an ever leaking ego that needs regular reaffirmation at the expense of the welfare of a great majority of the peoples of this nation? No, we hope to see *President Trump at least be President. And we still are waiting. Place blame where you may, his success or failure is his alone.

Recently, I have visited Facebook pages and websites of both *Trump supporters and *Trump detractors. I have to say that the waters are extremely shallow on both shores, beaches littered with spent shells of ignorance, stupidity, hate and even a few holy hand grenades not yet used or published in newspapers or online blogs. It just amazes me that what once was the ocean of decency once in between is now tainted to the point where no one remembers what it looked like. And everyone is drinking it up while the one at the wheel of the ship of state relieves himself over the starboard without any shame.

We have no one to blame but ourselves. Or do we? Our choice.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie