One year ago yesterday, Waxahachie’s beloved friend, Scott Dorsett, was nearly killed when hit by a truck while jogging. Most of you know that. Most of you also know that, in the 12 months since, Scott has become the only miracle some may ever see. From knocking on death’s door to what remains a daily battle to do the simple things in life, Scott is stronger than anyone I’ve ever known.

Following the accident, Scott spent three months in intensive care at Parkland Hospital and, from last Thanksgiving until today, spends his life in rehabilitation at the Neuro Skills Center in Irving. When I tell you it’s a daily grind, it is a daily grind unlike anything most of us have experienced or will ever know. Scott weighs 60-or-so pounds lighter than he did last August and yet is stronger than at any point in his life. Scott works hard to walk, to be steady, to take care of basic needs and he struggles each day just to make his vocal cords utter words in such a way you and I can understand.

What we take for granted and do without a shred of thought, Scott strives to achieve through painstaking therapy and arduous effort.

Here’s what’s remarkable — Scott understands everything going on around him. He laughs when others, out of respect and sensitivity, speak loudly or slowly in hopes he will understand. I find myself doing the same at times although one look from Scott is all I need to know better. Sometimes, folks will talk about Scott as though he isn’t in the room yet, truth be known, he is vividly aware of what’s being said and usually has some fun with it. Scott’s humor is as before and so is his heart.

You remember that heart, yes? The heart that worked endless hours to capture lasting memories and that would do anything for anyone? The heart that cares deeply about a community and for making sure no one goes without? Yes, of course, you remember.

Being run over by a Ford F-150 can break bones, tear ligaments and damage internal organs, but it can’t rob a man of the love and care residing in his heart. Such is the case for Scott. His heart is as big as ever, maybe even bigger, and his desire to come home, palpable. That’s my prayer for Scott. When we talk about life, we talk about home, about Waxahachie. We talk about being on the sidelines, even if in a different way, and we talk about Scott’s love for the Daily Light. We talk about Scott’s desire to see you, to be with you and the chance to once again perform magic with his camera. We share stories from the past and we long for the day when more stories can be made.

There’s no secret about how much I love Scott Dorsett, yet I am but one of the thousands who pray for Scott every day and who love him, too.

Whether it’s the Scott of August 2016 or the Scott of August 2017, the essence of unconditional love does not change … ever. I think it’s fair to say that if God gave us the choice, we’d leapfrog Wednesday, August 24, 2016. Scott would have stayed home rather than taking a late night jog. None of us would wake up to the painful, unforgettable news that Scott had been injured and not one minute of a hospital stay been needed. However, God has a better plan — one Scott has embraced and is willing to trust. For in that plan can be found many lives that have been changed because of Scott and, for some, a better understanding now exists of how fragile this life is. Some have found ways to take another pass at setting worthy priorities and still others now know what a miracle looks like.

Scott Dorsett is a gift from a sovereign God who loves him more than we can imagine and who, because of His love for us, has given us another chance at making sure Scott knows just how much we love him, too. Homecoming isn’t far away and neither is the reunion of a city and one of its most precious people.

I can hardly wait.