President Donald Trump, in reference to the tearing down the history of America, made the comment, “Where does it all end?”

As my mind raced with ideas for this column, I asked myself “Where do I begin?”

Well, I have begun this column with a prayer. I pray that God will guide my fingers as I type this column in hopes that I use a minimum of emotion and a wealth of facts. I pray that my words will encourage my fellow citizens as we strive to survive the things that we are experiencing in our great nation.

I love America and consider it to be a huge blessing to have been born here. I am saddened, dismayed and yes angry at what is going on right now.

Not only are monuments being torn down, but also people are being attacked not only for their color or party affiliation but also for having a difference of opinion.

I don’t think hate groups have a place in America. Racism has no place in America. To me, a hate group is any group that limits free speech, destroys public property, harms innocent people and causes death. In my opinion, the KKK, American Nazis, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter are all hate groups.

I am truly confused by the tearing down of monuments that were, for the most part, erected by Southern Democrats following our Civil War.

These monuments have stood for decades as a reminder of the terrible results of slavery in America. This is a terrible era that we should learn from, never wanting to repeat it again. Why all of a sudden are they offensive? I’d be willing to bet those being offended have never laid eyes on many of these statues or monuments.

God made us all. He made me and millions and millions of Americans white. He made millions and millions of Americans black and brown and with many different characteristics. I don’t claim to understand His Divine reasoning for making us different, but I feel certain He has a good reason. That’s one of the many questions I have for Him when I enter the Pearly Gates of Heaven.

One thing I have often felt is that white Americans probably could never go through the struggles that black Americans withstood during and after slavery.

Even though slavery was going on around the world during that time in American history, I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to see a black man hung for looking at a white woman. Or to have been considered unworthy to be served at a lunch counter or to drink from a different water fountain than white Americans.

With that being said, we must remember that slavery of blacks no longer exists in America. There are no slave owners in America today. We, of both races, come from ancestors from that time in America. It isn’t fair for me to be blamed for what my ancestors from many, many generations ago may have done.

I hear the phrase “white privilege” quite often today. Just as the N word is used in a derogatory manner, I feel this phrase is used in a derogatory manner. The only privilege I have is being born in America. I have worked every day of my adult life to raise my sons and to have the things I have.

I love my friends and I have been blessed to have friends of all colors. I love and respect them because of the way they treat me and I feel certain they feel the same way.

Now, I ask the same question President Trump asked. Where will this end?

We have allowed basically one person to end prayer in schools. We have allowed basically one person to push for abortion, which has taken the lives of millions of American babies before they had a chance to live their lives. This includes over 60,000 black babies every year.

With birth control being so cheap and often free, why are there so many abortions being performed with money from our tax dollars?

We have allowed Nativity Scenes and the Ten Commandments to be removed from public places.

Now statues commemorating the history of America are being torn down because some Americans are being offended. Why are they being offended now when they have stood for decades? Millions and millions of Americans visit these monuments on vacations, often paying to see them. Parents take their children there and educate them about our history since American History is no longer taught in our public schools.

What’s next? Will statues of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and other religious statues in our cemeteries and public places be torn down because they offend someone?

Is the Statue of Liberty going to be torn down for the same reason?

I know I have gone and on and on. As a former Democrat (now an Independent) I urge every Democrat today to study the history of the Democrat party. Study who started the KKK. Study the party affiliation of the President who ended slavery. Study who voted for and who voted against the civil rights laws that were signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson. Study to find out the party of elected officials who stopped black children from entering public schools. Study who Margaret Sanger was.

Going forward, we must think of how future Americans will feel when statues of John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama and George Bush are torn down.

As schools, highways, freeways, library and other public buildings and airports named after Americans many deem offensive are renamed, perhaps in the future, we should never put up a statue or name anything after a famous person because it may offend someone.

It is a shame as future Americans look back on history and recognize this generation as the offended generation.

We must find a way to end the hate and get along with our fellow citizens.

We can do our part by praying for America. Pray for our leaders. Pray for one another and pray extra fervently for those whose hearts are filled with hate.