WAXAHACHIE — The last two weeks this article has provided information about organizing and running your club. If you hope your organization will sustain itself and grow you will want to consider how the public views it. Would a person you would like to recruit feel good about what he or she thinks you are doing as an organization? Would they want their good name associated with your group? This is your public image.

You might have just wanted to get together with a small group of friends for gardening or creative writing or just solving the world’s problems. Why would you care what the public thinks? Right now there are a number of small groups in the news with a very negative public image to most people. By implication, those associated with them are also seen personally negatively. You don’t want that for your group if you are thrust into the public eye.

As the previous articles mentioned you must be careful about whom you associate yourself. They will have already checked on you before expressing interest in joining. You need to do the same with a new member program.

The Rotary Club is classified as a service club instead of a hobby or educational club. The Lions are also a service club. These clubs are well-known in Waxahachie for the community services they provide and those they serve. Often these clubs are known as old men’s clubs, but things are changing. Right now half of the Rotary members are under 60 years old and a quarter are women. Five of the Daily Light’s 40 under 40 winners are Rotarians. The Lions Club probably has similar statistics. They are not just for old men anymore.

Four recent members described their trips to club membership. They were Barbara Clark, CEO of Hope Clinic and Chris Bearden, Chris Wright and David Compton, all small local business owners. Each of them had backgrounds and activities of service including the Education Foundation, band, athletic booster club, the military and more. People like them will be part of the next generation to help this club or any other club to sustain itself and grow and keep serving into the future.