WAXAHACHIE — The guests at Stuart B. Lumpkins Stadium on Friday evening were entertained with an evening of music, dance and even instruction during the annual program preview and ice cream social held by the Spirit of Waxahachie Indian Band.

Before kicking off the show, longtime Waxahachie High School band director, Rich Armstrong, gave the audience instructions on first and second down Indian cheers.

“We need to show our spirit for the team and be heard from you all in the stands. When the ball is going this way, we point to that goal and when the ball is headed the other way, we point that way. Now let’s try it,” said Armstrong before directing the band to play.

After introducing the drum majors and section leaders, Armstrong described this year’s program, Serpentine. This year is a UIL state championship year, as the competition occurs every two years.

“Serpentine is snake like, it slithers along. Serpentine is a mineral that is green in color,” Armstrong said. “[...] These kids have been working for a month on this program, with some sections twice a day."

He added, “This is a four-act show. The first act is named Deviant and the second act Serpent is Deviant. Tonight you will see parts of the first two acts."

As the band began playing and acting out the scene, Armstrong explained the visual and musical effects by stating, “the serpent is sinister and slick. It moves in different forms. Sound effects abound in this movement and there is almost a snake charmer type feel in this act."

To help the band with the choreography, Armstrong introduced Roman Montoya. Montoya led the group through a demonstration of several dance moves for the audience.

Edward Quintana, president of the band booster club, introduced this year’s booster club board and announced this year’s fundraiser.

"This year we have been offered a fantastic opportunity to help our band be great. We have been offered a Dallas Cowboys game package,” Quintana said. He went on give the details of the package and told the parents, they will be receiving further details shortly.

The evening's entertainment ended with the band and alumni singing the school song in the stands.

Following the introductions and performance, the band boosters served ice cream from the concession stand to those in attendance.