We all make plans throughout our lives. When we were younger, we thought about a particular career path we wanted to take, which helped us decide what college we would attend. Plans continued to be made as college graduation became near and we hoped to land that big job so we could find the one we wanted to spend the rest of our life with and begin a family.

It is so easy to get into a routine of family, career and friends.

There is one essential element that a lot of people overlook most of their lives — some choose to overlook it all of their life.

That element is “Seeking What God Wants for Your Life.”

Believe it or not, you were created for a divine purpose and plan and I know it’s going to be a big shock to some but you were not created to exist in the world to see how successful you could be. There is nothing wrong with working hard and being successful but there is one more fundamental question you need to ask: ”Lord, what do you want me to do? What is your plan for my life? Show me why you created me Lord and reveal your plan that you have for my life.”

I can assure you that when you get serious, and you pray that prayer, exciting things will begin to happen in your life. You will find a new purpose that you never even knew was possible or that it even existed. While you are waiting on God to reveal His plan to you, He will begin to prepare you for what is coming, that way when it is revealed, you will be ready.

For those who need a little help getting started; pray this prayer every morning:

“Dear Lord, I love you this morning and I adore your name. I give you what is already yours Lord; I give you my life today! Use me, guide me, direct me in every way today.

"Forgive me of my sins dear Lord and where I fall short. May you be pleased with everything that I think, say and do today.

"I am your eyes today Lord… Show me what you want me to see. I am your hands today Lord…. May everything that I touch today be blessed by you and also be pleasing unto you. I am your feet today Lord…. Direct every step I take so that I remain on the path that you have ordained for me today Lord. I am your mouth today Lord…. Use my tongue to speak warmth and kindness. Use my tongue to encourage and lift up those you send my way this day. When others see me, may they see you. When others hear me, may they hear you oh God. When others are around me Lord, everywhere I go with others, may we all feel your presence. Lord, I put on the full Armor of God today so that I may withstand any attacks from the enemy; I put on the helmet of Salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, I girt my loins about with truth and my feet are shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace and I hold in my hand the sword of the Spirit and the Shield of Faith.

"I am now prepared for this day Lord. Use me until I am all used up. Open doors for me Lord; close doors for me that I should not walk through. Lead me and guide on the path you have already set forth and ordained for me this day. I love you Lord and I thank you that I serve a God who genuinely loves me and cares about everything in my life. Through you, may I be a blessing to someone today!


Praying this prayer prepares you for each day. Spend time with God. He longs to be with you and to hear your voice. There is nothing better this side of Heaven than feeling the warmth of God, being blessed by our Lord and Savior and knowing you are fulfilling the plans He has set forth for you to accomplish,

It matters not your age, some may say, “It’s too late for me!” As long as you can draw a breath, God can set your feet on the right path. Do something for God while there is still time to do so! Choose God. You will never regret that choice.

Do something to make a difference in someone’s life today!