The ultimate solar machine runs on solar energy, soil, water, air, and love. It also runs on polluted air and gives back clean air. In fact, the ultimate solar machine is a living breathing air conditioner.

One acre of these machines can remove approximately 3.7 tons of sulfur-dioxide from the air each year. The same acre can remove nearly 12.9 tons of dust from the air each year and 440 yards of forested green space can eliminate 80 percent of airborne particle smog. One acre absorbs the carbon dioxide from approximately 50 cars, as well as the polluting ozone from eight cars.

The ultimate solar machine builds healthy soils and helps prevent erosion while acting as a clean water machine — it purifies water for free.

It is completely biodegradable. In the process, one large machine can be converted to the energy equivalent of two to 12 barrels of oil.

The ultimate solar machine can heat your home, or cool it. It is the equivalent of nine air conditioners running all day. Green belts as narrow as 165-300 feet can reduce summer temperatures by 40 degrees compared with the city center. Pavement and rooftops reflect 30 percent of solar heat into the air. These machines absorb all but 5 percent, converting it into usable wood.

Many ultimate solar machines (fruit and nut trees) will even feed you. On a large scale, they require less fertilizer and keep the soil healthier than any other crop.

The ultimate solar machine replaces its own worn out parts and has a lifetime guarantee. The ultimate solar machine may last for 2000 to 4000 years.

It is, of course, a tree!

Have you hugged your trees lately?