To the Editor,

So again, once more, in relentless repetition, in a state of permanent deja vu, without any end and still a fixation of the terminally narcissistic is the resurrection of the so called Bathroom Bill. It will not die. Or even flush.

There is no threat to the sanctity of womanhood here. There is no hidden liberal agenda to weaken the moral fiber of Texas here. There is only a civil war within the ranks of the Texas Republican Party that will do nothing for the people of Texas but leave us all collateral damage so some can try to sate an insatiable hunger for power or burn down their party attempting to.

There is a reason that so many local and national businesses are against this bill. It is no good for Texas. And no good for the Nation. There is a good reason that so many people are against this bill. It will do nothing. For anyone. A complete waste of time. It is unenforceable. It is impossible to administer. And cannot stop what it was intended to prevent. Because there is nothing there to prevent but a foul stench coming from our legislature. There is not enough Fabreeze in all the Wal-Marts and H.E.B.s in Texas to make it less so.

If your legislator gives their support to this bill, they are only doing so to perpetuate their political future, to only serve themselves, not to serve the constituency that elected them, This is law for no purpose other than to make law. And there is no reason for this law to even be discussed other than to pose.

Enough with the ruse. Enough with the politics. Enough with this just taking up valuable time and effort. Enough with the insult to the intellects of the good peoples of Texas. This bill was no good at conception, no good after it was presented and still no good in it's presence that has been with us way too long. Flush this once and for all. It's really stinking up the joint. Someone open a window already.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie