To the Editor,

Choice or freedom to choose has been a valued American asset. Consider baby Charlie Gard, a UK infant that CANNOT receive health services in America, because of the UK government, with government run healthcare, DECIDED their authority is higher than his parents to make a difficult choice for their son. Before Obamacare, American citizens have the right to choose health coverage, or not, and their doctor and choice of insurance available. On a course to implosion and fewer company choices, Obamacare was initially designed to eventually fail, so Americans could only be subject to ONE choice: gov't. run healthcare. Perhaps, then, your child could be the next Charlie Gard, or your elderly relative, or yourself. Long waiting times, like the poorly run VA, before the new VA reforms.

Repealing and then replacing Obamacare has been a monumental challenge, since once an entitlement has been "given," it is not easy to retract it. Again, choice is the question. Before Obamacare, it was widely reported that 30 million citizens did not have health care for various reasons: unaffordability, irresponsibility, etc. Back then, I thought it would be possible to cover these citizens by minutely increasing our health tax to cover them. Rather, the administration chose to take control of all healthcare, 1/6 of our economy, at a colossal cost to burdened taxpayers and NO CHOICE to these citizens. Currently, Obamacare supporters sound aloud: "we will have 22,000 million without coverage;" 22,000 million is LESS than 30,000 million, 8 years ago. NO more free choice. With replacement there can be choice again. Maybe to choose personal possessions over paying a monthly premium, but it will be a choice. Living a healthy lifestyle or running amok in diet and lifestyle choices.

Will we get that choice again? Republicans need to make the right choice for their constituents. What would you choose

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie