WAXAHACHIE — Creating a community that begins in the home, the Nicholas P. Sims Library will host a unique interior design class to help the most novice decorators with their individual style.

Featured in Better Homes and Gardens, TLC, The Dallas Morning News, Good Morning Texas, Best of Flea Market Style, and much more, well-known interior designer, Courtney Warren, will lead the free class on Tuesday, July 18.

“A lot of times, people watch ‘Fixer Upper, ’ and they see Joanna Gaines and she does all these great remodels and all these beautiful things. Well, they feel like they can’t achieve that look in their home without her, or without a crazy amount money,” expressed Nicole Matthews, the outreach and programming coordinator at the Sims Library.

“Well, we have our own Joanna Gaines here in town - Courtney Warren. And she's going to tell us how to achieve that look, and she’s awesome,” she added.

Designing on a budget and giving back to her community, Warren’s interactive and conversational lecture is free to the public to help create a “farmhouse look without the farmhouse.”

“I’ll talk about my eBook Farmhouse Guide, but I really want to give people some ideas on how to decorate with a farmhouse style,” Courtney Warren, professional interior designer, told of the theme for the session. “I think people feel limited and if their house doesn’t have a farmhouse style already, so it’s something you can embrace on a budget just through a couple of pieces here and there.”

“That’s what I’m going for – how to introduce some of these pieces for the novice decorator, especially since I have people coming to me telling me, ‘I have no idea where to start. It’s very overwhelming to me.’ I want to help those people who know what they like when they see it,” she included.

Free to the public, the library has partnered with Warren as a part of one of the many services they offer to help locals in areas of interest.

“We have a lot of people who come into the library who want books on how to do it,” Matthews described. “And they watch videos and go to YouTube, but we’re going to have Courtney here, and she’s going to give us the full scoop on how to make it happen at our own houses.”

“The event is free, the only thing we ask is that those interested would go to our website and register, just to let us know how many people are going to be there, that way it gives us direction if we need to have it in a smaller room or a bigger room,” she articulated.

“Waxahachie gives me so much, and the library gives me free books to read, so the least I can do is go spend some of my time to answer some questions,” Warren conveyed. “I find that when you do that and go without expecting anything in return, I find that I’m the person that gets blessed because I get to meet so many cool people and I just love being apart of this community.”

From creating simple “do it yourself pieces” to add flare and pizazz, to color schemes and a theme for an entire room, Matthews also mentions that a drawing for a “farmhouse starter kit” will also be a fun addition to the class.

“We’re going to do a drawing and a basket filled with what I call the ‘farmhouse starter kit’ to get someone with a new home, or if you just moved into a cute little apartment or something like that, we’ll give you everything you need to get started for the person who wins,” Matthews defined.

Leading the community by the community, Warren and Matthews are both looking forward to the event, inviting those interested to attend.

“We have so many great things happening at the library because it’s for everyone, and it’s awesome that we have great people right in our community who are willing to donate their time to educate people in the community, and that’s exactly what Courtney is doing,” Matthews said.

“So we’re excited about her coming, and we hope everyone can make it,” she finished.

The Courtney Warren class will be held at the Nicholas P. Sims Library, 515 West Main Street, on Tuesday, July 18, at 6:00 p.m. To register for the free class, visit simslib.org/adult-activities or call (972)-937-2671.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer