WARWICK, Quebec — After earning his pro card during the Arnold Sports Festival in early March, Waxahachie strongman Jacob Fincher put his strength to the test against the strongest men and largest competitors in the world over the weekend.

Pitted against five of the top-10 professional strongmen in the worldwide rankings, Fincher finished in 11th place (30.5 points) during the two-day Festival Hommes-Forts Warwick, held north of the border in Warwick, Quebec. The event, held Saturday and Sunday, July 8-9, was the first for Fincher in the Arnold Pro Strongman Series.

"Thank you all for the love and support. It means more than I could ever put into words. It was an honor to not only stand next to some of the strongest men in the world but to also carry my country's colors,” stated Fincher on his Facebook page. “Almost every event was a PR for me and I'm more than happy with my performance. Thanks again to everyone back home for all the love and a huge thanks to all the veteran competitors for taking me under their wing. Thanks, Canada.”

Hafthor Bjornsson (107 points), an Icelandic strongman also known for his role as "The Mountain" in the HBO series "Game of Thrones," fought off JF Caron (98 points) and Vytautas Lalas (96 points) to claim the title in the grueling 10-event test.

"Very satisfied with my performance at Arnold Pro Strongman Series Canada," stated Caron on his official strongman Facebook page. "I can assure you that this was the most challenging competition in my career."

The events for day one consisted of an 80-foot truck pull, 225-pound dumbbell reps, 700-pound squats for reps, keg toss and the Atlas Stones (five stones ranging from 250-400 pounds).

Day two saw the strongmen power through the Power Stairs (450-525 lbs), Viking Press (340 lbs), 800-pound car deadlift, 320-and-34-pound Farmer's Walk and Fingal Fingers.