DALLAS — With arguably the most controversial presidential campaign and election in the history of the United States now behind us, Dr. Rob Tenery has penned a political and medical thriller set in today’s socio-political landscape.

Insurrection at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, published under Brown Books Publishing Group in 2017, is labeled to chillingly portray mounting unrest and tension as countries across the globe begin plotting to take America down from within.

In his fifth book, Tenery, an ophthalmologist, presents a world in which global powers leverage their footholds using military might, information technology and access to oil. Tenery develops a plot where America’s longstanding predominant rule is challenged as other countries grow restless and begin making plans that will establish a new world order.

The novel follows an emergency room physician in Texas, who, unexpectedly is brought into the intrigue, along with the White House chief of staff to propel the novel forward as they come together for the terrorizing conclusion in the nation’s capital.

Tenery was compelled to cast the plot in the time period immediately following the Trump administration, and his references to past real-life political figures will further intrigue current events enthusiasts.

“Terrorism is spreading like a wildfire across the European continent,” Tenery said. “However, I feel, with immigration restrictions enacted by the Trump administration, the terrorists will shift their focus to a more effective tactic of infiltration to gain control. With the world’s most powerful military, united with the predominately con- trolled oil-rich, Muslim countries in the Middle East, what better union to reach their goal of global domination?”

Kirkus Reviews acknowledged Tenery for how he “consistently blends dual medical and political storylines, each with its own worthy protagonist. Tenery fills his pages with plot turns, including unexpectedly corrupt characters, at least one truly shocking death, and a dread-inducing, anonymous individual seemingly spear-

heading a nefarious plan. A memorable ending implies a possible sequel.”

Tenery’s first four books chronicle stories of his family’s life in medicine, winning over the girl of his dreams who would become his wife of more than 50 years, and the evolution of the health care delivery system. Tenery’s latest endeavor, "Insurrection at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue," combines his love of medicine with his interest in politics into a page-turning medical thriller.

“Dr. Tenery is a treasure to work with for a publisher,” says Milli Brown, Founder and CEO of Brown Books Publishing Group. “His expertise in the medical profession and his passion for politics come together for an explosive read.”