WAXAHACHIE — Optimism ran through city hall on Tuesday afternoon as the Waxahachie Police Department promoted three officers to new leadership roles.

The department promoted Joe Wiser from lieutenant to assistant chief, Chris Dickinson from corporal to sergeant and Brian Fuller from patrol officer to corporal.

The promotions stemmed from the retirement of Assistant Police Chief Mitch Bartley, who retired in May after more than 28 years of service.

Police Chief Wade Goolsby said he is confident that these three individuals will make the department and the city proud because of the leaders that they already are.

“I know that each one of these guys is very qualified and are ready for the next challenge in their career. It is an important day for the organization. Each one of you guys has shown that you are ready to move up to the next level and take on the responsibility of the next position,” Goolsby said. “I want you to think of it like this. You are a captain of a ship. As that captain of the ship, you have a lot of responsibilities. The first responsibility is to keep it on course. Keep that ship going in the right direction. That is up to the captain. That is not up to the crew or the assistant. It is up to you the captain.”

Goolsby told the officers to provide guidance, wisdom and encouragement of the people that they lead while serving in their new roles.

“As a captain, you have to direct everyone to do their job. It is a team. It is not just one person on that ship making it go forward. You have got the sails, you have got the rudder and you have got the steering wheel. You have everyone do their part and it is your job to see if those parts are working right,” Goolsby stated. “I know that you guys are up to the challenge. I am excited to see you guys take that next step and become leaders in your organization and become captain of your ship.”

Fuller expressed his thankfulness to serve in the city he grew up in and with the people that he considers family.

“Being from Waxahachie, I take a lot of pride in working for the city. It has been a great 10 and a half years. I have met a lot of great people. It has been a great run and a great experience,” Fuller said. “I look forward to many more great years. I have wonderful leadership from my sergeant and lieutenant and everyone else who has helped me along the way. I am certainly proud. I won’t let any of you down so thank you.”

Dickinson shared Fullers’ feeling about the day and what the future holds.

“Just like Brian said I take a lot of pride in working at this department. I appreciate the promotion chief. Chief Bartley, I appreciate you retiring but in all seriousness, you leaving made this happen,” Dickinson quipped. “I am excited about this next step. Like Brian said, I am going to drive this boat and hopefully above water.”

Wiser echoed the thoughts expressed by Fuller and Dickinson.

“I am extremely humbled by this opportunity and even more so I am excited about this opportunity,” Wiser said. “I thank you guys for coming out. I look forward to it.”