While the label of ‘passion’ can often be overused and distorted, it’s arguably the very attribute that makes the world go around … either for good or for bad. There are countless examples of people with plenty of passion using it in ways that improve society and change lives. Then there are those who manifest their passion in ways that are destructive, sometimes deadly, and that deepen the pit into which society has fallen. There’s no neutrality when it comes to passion nor is there any person with it who doesn’t use it in one of those two ways.

Greatness is synonymous with passion … and so is evil. Jesus had the passion to absorb the worst of human abuse and torture and still save mankind. Satan had the passion to convince men to dish out such abuse and torture and then kill Jesus. Karl Marx had the passion to create communism. Ronald Reagan had the passion to defeat it. Dak Prescott has the kind of passion that makes his team better. Colin Kaepernick has the kind that makes his team worse. Conservative principles are founded in passions that lead to American prosperity. Liberal passions serve to create dependency and entitlements and, therein, more votes.

You get the idea. Passion is always a two-edged sword.

So what about you? Me? I could fill the rest of this page about people in this town who have the kind of passion that leads to greatness. Think of Waxahachie High school’s band then think of the national attention Global High receives annually. Think of Scott Dorsett’s passion to overcome enormous tragedy then think of people like Brittan Cupp who already have because of such passion. Waxahachie, like any quality community, is built on passion. People few of us know created the town we love with a passion that will last forever and people we hear of often have committed themselves to making sure of that. The city prospers because of the passion those running it have for performing at the highest levels. Same goes for the school district and a plethora of local churches. Athletes across the spectrum of sports are excelling because of the passion embedded by quality coaches. Teachers with great passion often change this world one student at a time even if we fail to realize it.

If more of the civilized world had the level of passion to destroy evil that ISIS has to inflict it, ISIS wouldn’t exist. If those in politics had the passion to make America a better country instead of destroying others, maybe the kind of delusional passion we saw take place on a baseball field in Virginia the other day wouldn’t occur. And maybe, just maybe, if those in our own community who have such a strong dose of passion to tear others down found a way to redirect their passions for good, Waxahachie would become a better community. Activists are some of the most passionate people on the planet yet most of that passion results in destruction, disrespect and disgust. We see here it nearly every day.

So what about you and me? How we live out our passions will determine the impact we have on society. We will either be a blessing to those around us or we’ll curse the very essence of who we are and what we want. Jesus has passion to love and serve. Satan has passion to devour and destroy.

May we be more like Jesus.