To the Editor,

In the fall of 2015, some Republican friends of mine asked me what I thought of then candidate *Donald Trump. I said he was a fake. After his performance so far as *President Trump, I stand by that opinion.

His well illustrated inability to handle the job both in administration and understanding as well as the blatant abuse of power and position that benefits the interests of his family and business is a mockery of the public trust in his office. The ever deepening crisis of Russian involvement in the upper echelons of our government threatens not only our sanctity as a free people but also that of our security as well.

Our * President Trump is a charlatan of the first order. There is no Making America Great Again. There is no America First. And the pornography of his presidency continues unabated as the political opportunists in Congress take advantage of the void of responsible government to move their selfish agendas to sate their hunger for power instead of putting the needs of their constituents and the preservation of country to the forefront of their attention. They are as incompetent as the President.

I truly wish that * President Trump was just that. Yet the title doesn't supply the skills needed. His only purpose in being elected was only to get a bigger mirror for himself to stand in front of while he tweets. Nothing more. A fake. Art of the scam.

This is my opinion and does not reflect anyone or group of people beyond myself. What's yours?

Alan Fox, Waxahachie