To the Editor,

I've read many a word recently from the supposed pundits and journeymen alike amongst us on both the local and national stage suggesting our differences and inabilities to form a more cohesive mindset for the betterment of our country is due to the clinging of one political thought or another. We lay out examples and blame, showing nothing more but the shallowness of our understandings of what our neighbors think and believe by doing so. To gather together those that disagree with us under banners of personal convenience displays the callousness inherent of the divisiveness that we wish to get past in the first place.

And we continue to read and hear of incidents of people being attacked physically and verbally assaulted because of their supposed illegality caused by their ethnicity. From videos taken at Wal-Mart to reports of people being shot at restaurants and homes to scenes of ugliness witnessed right here on the streets of Waxahachie, these acts that are misinterpreted as adherence to the mantra of Make America Great Again which only serves the country to the contrary. And always will.

Our *President Trump gave a good speech to Congress. Content wise it was nothing different than that of one from his campaign. Yet his delivery did skirt the accepted definition of things presidential. His call for us to unify to form a more perfect union was quickly dismissed as he fell back into his addiction of maligning and offering false innuendo afterward. It is hard to inspire unification by only offering more flag adorned pitchforks and torches. How about a personal example instead?

Personally, I will let them lay at my feet and step over them on my way to the realization of the American Dream. Pick yours up if you wish. Tis America.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie