To the Editor,

I am writing this in support of a good friend and coworker who would make a significant impact on WISD with his hopeful election to School Board, Mr. Judd McCutchen. I have come to know Judd as an honest, dependable and sincere man with a heart for service. Being a graduate of WHS I have a considerable interest in the well-being of the district in which I am a product of. Knowing someone like Judd is up for election reassures me that it will remain in good hands. Judd, being the father of two girls, has a vested interest in the future of WISD as his daughters will grow up in the district’s schools. He is a man of strong character and conviction who will do nothing but good things for WISD. As a co-worker of Judd’s he has proven to be a strong “lead by example” person from whom I have learned much. When talking about his heart of service I believe a position on a school board often to be a thankless job much like volunteering one’s time for others as Judd has. Serving on his church’s mission team to Guatemala, volunteer hours spent working with WISD and his strong commitment to the community through various other projects is a testament to the type of man and leader he is. I wholeheartedly trust that Judd will be an advocate for both the students and teachers of this great district. With that being said, I strongly encourage you to join me in voting for Judd McCutchen for WISD School Board.

Kyle Vecsey