To the Editor,

When a government uses the phrase " enemy of the people" when addressing any entity, be it the press or a singular citizen that legitimately questions what a public servant is doing not only does it take on the definition of the phrase but enters the realm of tyranny well illustrated by past and present repressive governments. This an affront to basic liberty and an insult to the freedom of speech. For our government is to be responsive to the people, not the opposite.

What we have here is the insistent campaign of trying to sway public support to an agenda using falsehoods, fear of probability and a shallowly hidden unspoken conspiracy to undermine the basic tenets of our country.

It is the action that brings forth the question. And the answer should not be predicated and presented before the question is asked. To do so brings the honesty of those responsive to the people to the forefront.

This is my opinion. How it was derived doesn't need to be explained to anyone. Just as anyone else's. Some form their own thoughts. Others follow.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie