To the Editor,

My husband and I moved to Waxahachie in March of 2015 and have thoroughly enjoyed the change of scenery. We left good friends in Colleyville but wanted a little less congested lifestyle. The traffic just became too much.

One of our favorite discoveries about our new hometown is the walking trail along the creek through downtown and your beautiful Getzendaner Park. Whoever planted all those magnificent trees 100 years ago sure knew what they were doing? Our early evening walks have been a real joy.

About three months ago we ran into “Mr. Happy”. This gentleman with his silver hair,” Bourbon Street “hat and infectious smile always wishes us a good walk and provides a thumbs up. We’ve come to enjoy his skip or shuffle as he passes us listening to music. We’ve found him on just about every leg of the trail from your downtown viaduct and junkyard area to the park itself. In downtown, we’ve caught him contemplating something across from the caboose in the grass area and back by the abandoned railroad trestle. We even caught a glimpse of him on Grand Avenue and Ross Street.

My point to this letter is just to say thank you to “Mr. Happy” and all the great and wonderful people who live here. We even enjoy the lines at your HEB because everyone is talking to each other about sporting events, local happenings or just catching up with good friends. You who grew up here are lucky folks. We hope to be a here a long time as well.

Frank and Mavis Littlefield, Waxahachie