To the Editor,

I’m worried about what’s happening in Washington, D.C. The talk about privatizing Medicare is disturbing. Despite the president’s support for the program, leaders in Congress are pushing ahead with a voucher system that would take health care in the wrong direction.

Vouchers would break the basic promise of Medicare as a guaranteed benefit. Besides, AARP says privatization would increase the health care and out-of-pockets costs for Medicare beneficiaries. It also will threaten benefits for millions of younger workers paying into the system. And it could force people into low-grade plans with slender benefits.

Granted, Medicare needs to be strengthened for future generations. But I don’t want Congress to do it on the backs of seniors and workers who’ve paid into the system their entire working lives. A better approach would be to put Medicare on stable ground by clamping down on sky-high drug prices and cutting waste and fraud.

The madness of a voucher system for Medicare must be stopped. I really hope Washington is listening.


Verlie McBroom, Waxahachie