To the Editor,

I hope your Valentine's Day was filled with expressions of love, sweets, edible fruits, pj's, and maybe roses. Now it's back to daily reality. Remember the 60's slogan: "make love, not war?" Now the new adage is: "spread hate, not peace."

The message is everywhere: resist, protest, denograte, criticize, attack, shout, obstruct, intimidate, boycott, delegitimize, penetrate institutions of learning, teaching terms like fascism, racism, phobomanias, but not clarifying their meanings; posting signs on lawns, on apparel, monopolizing news networks, award nites, with propaganda influences. You know what I am referring to: politics and our new administration.

The efforts are extreme but the common sense voice of America will prevail over all the widespread useless clamoring. Despite the negativity, our new Potus has kept his eyes on his campaign promises: security for America, enforcing our existing laws, and safety thru strength. It behooves me who or why would any American object to this. The opposition's intensity is rampant, but like all the love verses found in scripture, the spirit of divine love will overcome...someday.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie