To the Editor,

And so it ends. Or does it begin? The trip through a season of basketball excitement that entranced this community came up a fraction of an inch short of state. That was the difference of a three-pointer being hit in the last few seconds and our Running Indians going to San Antonio to play for the state championship and it rattling out and us tasting defeat for the first time in months. Yet that is an excuse. And they have been destroying excuses all season long. Saturday's game was no exception.

We watched this team exceed all expectations. There was no star player, just a star team playing together to make great things happen. Game in and game out they played with a workman like intensity focusing on getting the job done. They showed their mental toughness and athletic prowess against teams larger and more gifted and were rewarded with victory because of their willingness to forego the spotlight for one and expanded it to shine on the whole team. And it went beyond the court and into the community which gravitated to its brightness.

Thank you to Coach Greg Gober and to every player of the Running Indian basketball team for giving a grateful Waxahachie something to be proud of. For you really did Bring It Back.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie