To the Editor,

Wowsers Kids, what a crazy few weeks.

I was feeling kind of patriotic and rather feisty about the current abrogation of civil rights being factually or fictionally under attack (who really knows anymore) coming from our new *President Trump so I gathered some buds (not that kind) and we headed up to Washington D.C. to join the Women's March. Kind of a men's auxiliary corp, a turn about in fair play, as it is. Well, we got as far as Kentucky and no one thought to bring a map and we got lost and no one would ask for directions, we being real manly men and all. The ladies seemed to have things under control and didn't really need our help and knowing its best to leave it that way, we decided to head on home. But since we were in Kentucky, we decided to head to Bowling Green to check out the Corvette assembly plant and museum to get a free dose of testosterone that us being older guys could probably use some of. So we did that and we were feeling pumped up and manly and patriotic about American power so we headed over to the Bowling Green Massacre Memorial to pay our respects to the victims. After we drove around a few hours, we swallowed some pride and stopped by a Walmart and got beer and jerky and discreetly asked the greeter where it was on our way out. He looked at us and smiled and said it was in Alternative Bowling Green a few miles towards the White House. He said you can't miss it. Just look for all the white space on the ground behind the 1.5 million in line ahead of us. We tipped our hats and headed out the door hearing a lot of laughter behind us. Well, after another few hours of searching we gave up and headed back to Texas.

We all went back to our houses and with our wives still out of town at the March, we learned a few things by them not being home. Things like the distance from the sink to the dishwasher really isn't that far. Over the top does work better. Our kids are really kind of smart, especially with electronics. That socks that disappear in the laundry come back as plastic lids. Paper towels, a plastic bag and duct tape can be used instead of a diaper in an emergency.

I finally sat down and caught up on the local news. Seems Pottycop Patrick was accusing his opponents of using fear mongering over SB6 that is a bill that uses fear mongering to get passed. Then the Governor said he would hold funds from Travis County for not using county cops to help *President Trump enforce his immigration plan. Yet, is he just aiming at his foot because isn't his office in Travis county? Then Texas's own Lamar Smith said if we wanted the unvarnished truth we should ask the * President. Sort of getting it from the horse's mouth, so to speak. The problem with that based on the many sources that have proven what comes from * President Trump as false, we're having a hard time trying to find the correct end of the horse to listen to.

At least it was a darn good Super Bowl but I'm kind of confused about which products we're supposed to boycott. Maybe * President Trump will tweet us.

And that is my opinion also.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie