To the Editor,

Okay Comrades, here we go. Now it is true that Russian money was used by Trump to finance his business when US banks wouldn't take a chance on further bankruptcies. And there is that nasty thing about Russian hackers being used to get him elected. Aaand then we had people he hired in his administration that had and have ties to Russians which they lied about until it was proven they did. Aaand is it coincidental that when agencies of the federal government started investigating possible collusion between our* President Trump and the Russian mob using investing in his business as money laundering operations start getting too close to Trump, he fired the heads of these agencies? Aaand now we have a meeting in the Oval office where no American press was allowed to attend because they are the enemy but the Russian press was there along with Russian officials and it has been reported classified information was shared with Boris and Natasha. Not with Americans Moose and Squirrel. Yet it is all because of Obama and Hillary's emails.

Now am I the only one that sees a link to say, hmm, maybe the Russians are applying a little muscle on *President Trump and now getting return on their investment dollar by influencing our national policy to make their oil industry competitive with the rest of the world to strengthen their economy that is currently in the toilet? And further fill Putin's pockets?

Conspiracy you say? Well, I can't prove any of this. Yet simple logic does bear some credence to it being true.Then again, I can't disprove it either. Neither can anyone else. If someone told me back on late November any of this would even be possible, I would of told them to put the bong down. Now, maybe it should be passed.

Some might say this a partisan witch hunt. Yet time after time, crisis after seemingly never ending crisis, this is not how or even should our nation be led. Now it has become evident that our country's security has been compromised at the highest levels. Our Congress has acted minimally to the stop the bleeding. Our civic duty and basic patriotism calls for us to stand in defiance now with our voices before we have to stand on the streets against the fascism looming in possibility. For to remain silent is to consent. And especially now at this moment in our shared history as a nation, that is not an option.

This my opinion and mine alone. What's yours?

Alan Fox, Waxahachie