To the Editor,

A lot of fake news out recently. Some from the right, some from the left, some from the White House Press office, some from left wing websites. And even some from *President Trump and his various mouthpieces. Peculiarly true to those of latter referenced is the bizarro content of what was once fringe right wing propaganda and far-out conspiracy theory that is now trying to be passed off as mainstream patriotic agenda. And down at the farm, wings are being fitted to pigs to prove that will also become true.

Now, criticism of *President Trump has been heavy and justifiably so. Yet, it is not the man himself that should be at blame for the chaos caused by him being at the wheel. It is ours as a country in its entirety. Doesn't matter if you voted for him or not.

Let me explain my rationale, if you would be so gracious. Donald Trump is a business man first of all and still. Part of his business acumen was knowing how to capitalize on opportunity when it presented itself. We knew this. Yet we hoped he would learn how to govern and convert his business instincts to the benefit of the country. What he has done by getting himself nominated and elected is for the benefit of *President Trump. That has always been the plan and what we are seeing is it's fruition.

Now for me or anyone else to keep up the criticism of *President Trump is pretty much the equal of drawing water from a never ending spring of falsehoods and harvesting fertile fields of impulsive, shallow statements coming from his administration. But that will not change anything, as using the freedom of speech in that context is constitutionally guaranteed and warranted as that need is presently appropriate.

*President Trump is a good man. He loves his family and his country, just as we all do. But he is what he is and so far has shown the inability to grow out of his hustler persona that served him well in business but will not be applicable as a leader of this nation and an effective player on the world stage. I wish that wasn't true yet it is. For to board his train, in reference to a previous letter, would be to ignore the truth of the situation. And that is what got him elected, in my humble opinion. It would be like boarding that train which we all own that recently had gilded private cars attached to the front which would only hold one percent of the population while the rest of us have to ride in cattle cars that were made in 1930s Germany with This Way to Disney World over the doors.

Once there was a scorpion and Frog. The land where they were was being flooded. The scorpion begged the frog to carry him across the raging water to safety on the other side.

" But you will sting me " said the frog.

" No, I will sting the snakes on the other side, so you will be safe over there. Believe me" said the scorpion.

So the frog carried the scorpion to the other side where as soon as the scorpion was on better land, stung the frog.

" But you said you wouldn't sting me " said the frog"

" I'm just being true to my nature". said the scorpion.

There is a reason that old stories keep being told.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie