To the Editor,

During the time I worked at Waxahachie High School, I saw how Kim Kriegel worked hard to see that every student had the same opportunity. There were students that didn't have food, shoes, clothes or just someone to tell them that they could go to college, but Kim didn't just say it would be ok, she helped them by providing them what they needed.

When I worked in the cafeteria during the lunches at WHS, I witnessed students that didn't eat and that wore the same clothes, but I would just mention it to Ms. Kriegel, and they were taken care of. She has helped countless of students by helping them get scholarships and seeing that they were fed and clothed.

No one knows Waxahachie Independent School District and its students like Kim Kriegel. She is someone that never gives up. That's why I ask you to vote for Kim Kriegel.

Chano Ramirez