To the Editor, 

Have you noticed: Republican Party had segmented Rhinos and Conservatives; Democrats had Hillary Devotees, and Bernie had his loyalists; Independents often looked to both sides. Now that the elections have passed, including the Jill Stein recount, the electoral only 39 recount attempt, where HRC loss one count, and we have a new President who has been sworn it as #45, it seems both parties have unified. Of course, I don't mean as One Country United' but as strong separate entities, again.

Even Democratic candidates showed solidarity in the utmost goal: to select a chairperson most apt to encourage impeachment of President Trump. Policies to benefit most Americans seem to be secondary on their agenda. Well, the establishment candidate won, Mr. Perez, a favorite of Potus Obama and HRC. Did their unifying effort just take a turn? Resistance to the reigning party is growing. This new alter-ego Tea Party uses sites like The Indivisible Group to provide info how to organize and conduct themselves at public meetings: preaching politeness but to monopolize the mike to overpower and minimize the other side's stance. Isn't democracy grand? Policies seem to be secondary.

Majority of Republicans, like CPAC members are uniting more behind President Trump, since he has already demonstrated that he, his VP and Cabinet picks ( the few to date approved by Senate) are committed to putting his campaign promises to fruition, It is this, in my opinion, that has his opposition so up in arms, they are scared that he could fulfill what he ran on and got elected on. Holy mackerel! A "politician" actually working!!!

You can feel the friction of both sides rubbing against each other. Both sides are organized and determined to accomplish their goals. And you know when you rub 2 sides hard enough against each other, you get fire.

Politics is like a garden. You can have fruits, flowers, and vegetables, growing to be picked and enjoyed. Unfortunately, among the plants are the inevitable weeds, that seek to overtake the same plot of soil and choke out the good crop. They both share the same soil, the sun, and water from above. The reality is: if the gardener diligently tends the plots daily and the blessing of favorable weather from above, there will be a bounty for all. But the farmer knows if left unattended and allowed to be overrun with weeds, the end result is ugly, a waste of time and money, and no beauty or harvest to enjoy and share. United we stand, divided we starve.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie