To the Editor,

Obamacare has been a disaster from day one. 6 million people lost their healthcare because of it, and many more have lost access to their doctors. Insurance cost has skyrocketed and companies are deserting the marketplace. Well-loved doctors are being forced out of business because reimbursement is so low they cannot afford to keep their offices open. Life-saving surgeries that used to be automatic are now placed on a waiting list.

Since 2010 Republicans have campaigned on full repeal and have voted for a repeal of part or all the law 60 times. Last year they even passed a budget reconciliation which repeals much of the ACA. This process only needs a simple majority and is very doable. It is time for our representatives to live up to their promises and put a full repeal on President Trump’s desk. Delay only leads to more disastrous results for Americans.

We are so close to reclaiming our health care. Please call and email your senators and representative (202-224-3121), and demand #Fullrepeal.

Sylvia Coulson, Waxahachie