To the Editor,

The WISD Board of Trustees is a reflection of our community. With the population growth and expansion of our school system and the responsibilities that are inherent as such the board would be very well served to have Judd McCutchen as a member. Judd and his family as well as Heather’s family have lived in Waxahachie several years and have been strong community supporters in many areas. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Judd for a number of years and I have learned to greatly respect his intelligence, foresight and honesty in dealing with customers and coworkers throughout the community. He is always well poised and prepared for any situation. Judd has a strong interest in continued excellence for WISD and is experienced in efficient teamwork. Judd has earned tremendous respect from others and can always be counted on to help bring positive results during the most difficult of situations. Jan and I encourage you to vote for Judd and help build a strong future for WISD.

Pat and Jan Merrill