To the Editor,

I cannot convince anyone to accept Potus as an asset to America, but I can outline my hope for this administration, and what I have witnessed so far in a short period.

In our previous presidency, I was on a downward slide slipping into a mud pile. I saw a weak country, disrespect for authority, laws being bypassed, manipulation of political office, clemency rewards, the list never ending til the very end. When Trump won Nov. 9, 2016, against all the odds for any Republican to gain an electoral majority, I finally felt hope again(like Michelle O. once said.) Even with the advantage of NO political experience, he has demonstrated an unmatched high-level of energy to meet with foreign dignitaries, business CEOs, to re-establish new positive relationships; use exec. orders to release business from excessive gov't regulations that strangled job growth. Handing over his lifetime of business assets to his sons, to show us his good will and intentions to center on America First, was sacrificial on his part. What did Obama or HRC sacrifice? I admire Trump for that. Russia vs. Trump is a daily challenge he faces with NO FACTS or crime established by US investigative agencies admission, but endless innuendos, accusations and threats of impeachment by the opposition and so called media.

Part of the hatred, and it is vile hatred, has been propagated and dangerously detrimental to the sanity, not of Trump, but to our country!!!

The promise to make America great again will be forthcoming, despite the master-minded obstructionism to side step this ardent mission.

This is where hope reigns, not compulsive hatred.

When this movement pops its ugly head, it is here I witness the strength of Trump. When he recently spoke at a commencement ceremony, he expressed the need to overcome adversity in everyday life to the graduates, and bypass the constant gloom and doom, to press onward, despite cancer causing mode of relentless hatred. Trump, for me, was America's last chance to open our eyes. For his many supporters, like myself, I choose hope over animosity and hatred.

I do wish Congress, especially Republicans would grow a backbone to the organized, unruly loud mouth protestors at their town hall meetings. Nothing wrong with protests, but rude, over-talking, not opening their ears to the speaker is Not a good example to our youth!

These "leaders," like chickens, scurry instead of allowing rudeness to reign.

Lastly, is Trump egotistical? You betcha! So was former Potus and Trump"s female opponent. Perhaps a necessary attribute for public addresses. I rather have a "fake" for a Potus than the puppet we endured for 8 years or the actress who used whatever line she needed to excite the audience in front of her.

When I see a "Love Trumps Hate" sign at protest rallies, I wish they would look in the mirror and practice what they preach. I thank God everyday for what He has blessed us with and for the love that President Trump has for our America. We hope for America and like our President, we should and cannot give up.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie