To the Editor,

At last submission to the Daily Light, the board game of Clue was suggested to describe current political observations. Consider another board game you may have played: the game of Risk. With each roll of the dice a player could advance to another country and add them to your global equity, but like Monopoly, if you are down-sized, you could wind up on Mediterranean Ave. or in Risk, stranded on the island nation of New Guinea surrounded by your adversary super powers. When I played a few decades ago, it was my brothers who were my adversaries.

But now in 2017, all of us Americans have questionable opponents, like N. Korea, Russia, Iran and other Middle East Govts. The first three possess nuclear weapons capabilities or close to attaining them. So what can be the motivation of these global entities, including the USA?

Starting with our country, I know of no instance of expanding territories outside the continental USA thru conflict, but rather to aid democracy around the globe when called upon, or answer injustices to us or other people. Unfortunately, Russia has advanced into Eastern Ukraine and Crimea to perhaps return to the USSR glory days. N. Korea has almost 70 yrs. to build up an arsenal and taunt their supremacy over any enemy especially the USA Like the terrorist group, Isis (not Isil) they are motivated by propaganda news media and videos that would certainly win the Fake News Academy Award, if allowed by the dictatorship govt. Iran is a global player in the game of Risk because as they play the game, they appear to abide by the Obama deal, but who can say otherwise? IIt would be a risk to trust their own "supervised" nuclear reports. They have publicly acclaimed their annihilate the nation of Israel. Ever ponder why America and Israel are 2 main countries that dictatorships like N. Korea and the theocratic country of Iran want to wipe them off the face of the earth with nuclear weapons?

Could it be because democracies of freedom of thought and action is what they most want to destroy?

So how should America proceed in this global game of Risk? How important is it for you to stand up for your country, or is it easier to settle for the tiny country of New Guinea? Will some of us stand tall, united, or will some recede to their "safe place" if you can find one.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie