To the Editor, 

You know, this getting old stuff is really starting to suck. Hey, I can deal with the losing hair where you want it and its redirecting itself to where you don't. Then there's the hammer of Thor like realization of what you once were able to do with ease as a studly sports jock in your youth is now a concerted effort of all the available facilities you have left that precipitates a good nap. Let's not point out trying to read words now dressed in blurriness or watching people just moving their lips instead hearing their words. Yet the upside of that's having a quiet dinner in a really crowded restaurant that has pictures on the menu.

So after putting on my new quad focal glasses so I could read the local paper, or as it now known, the Daily Fonts R Us, I came across a letter from some guy in Illinois using the NFL and the idiocy of the proposed Pottycop bill presently in the Texas can't see the forest fire burning while looking at a squirrel legislature, as an opportunity to frothing at the mouth liberal bash. I have to wonder why this local media needs to import water when they have a reservoir locally and based on past columns, a tap in the building.

A feature of aging is the ability to use our experience to understand what is important.. To engage in rebuttal to a tirade from some person spewing vitriol from Illinois will serve no purpose. But you do have to wonder why it was even published in the first place. Now, where did I leave my glasses?

Alan Fox, Waxahachie