To the Editor,

Fellow Citizens of Waxahachie,

I am writing this letter in support of Judd McCutchen, an esteemed member of our community and lifelong Waxahachie native. I have had the privilege of knowing Judd for the majority of my life, as we grew up together in church and are both products of WISD. Judd has always been a well-rounded, positive person and it is my belief that he is a prime candidate for the WISD school board. Judd excelled in school and on the golf course, where he left his mark as one of the key members of one of the best golf teams to ever come through WISD. Judd has always been one of those “bleed green and white” kind of guys, and there is no doubt that his profound desire to help enrich this school district will shine among his fellow school board members. Judd has the patience, skill, and determination to focus his strengths of leadership in the school district. As a member of the local law enforcement community, Judd has always shown support and care for the men and women in blue, even those he hasn’t known for a long period of time in Waxahachie. But most importantly, Judd is a father who wants nothing but the best for his children. Judd is an accomplished professional at work, has been for many years, and this is the kind of trait that will guide him in his quest to join the WISD school board in the near future. Upon speaking with Judd about his desire to run for school board, I am left with nothing but positive feelings that his heart is in it for the benefit of keeping WISD the greatest landscape possible for the future of our children. Knowing Judd as long as I have known him, he would not be running for self-glory or for materialistic reasons other than the service of others. That is Judd McCutchen! He is a man grounded in his faith in God and a man with morally high character, just ask around. WISD has always been a great school district and there is no doubt that it will continue to be in the years ahead. Judd fits the criteria of someone you want to see on the board, sturdy and compassionate, with the willingness to go above and beyond to see things done right. There is a level of pride one has being from Waxahachie and from seeing the continued success that has always coupled with greatness in all areas of WISD. As a member of this community, Judd McCutchen has my utmost endorsement for school board because at the end of the day I know he will be doing solid work for his hometown and for the future of this school district. It has been a real joy seeing numerous friends and people I went to school with now working for the school district in many different formats from principals, teachers, coaches, and on the school board. Judd McCutchen is a friend and he will fit right in with the cast in place of all the former students seeking to continue the greatness that is WISD! This is why I am For Judd! Take care and may the blessings of God rain upon our great city!


Brian Fuller, Waxahachie Police Department