To the Editor,

Why do people lock their doors and windows? Why do many protect their property with fences, security systems, guard dogs, and even firearms?

Why is the new Obama residences in Wash D.C .having a wall built around their residence? Why is the White House having the fence built higher, from 4 ft. to a new 10 ft. hgt.?

Why do we expect photo ID for deliveries, a repairman, etc. before we allow them on our property? We want to love all and treat all equally, so why do we teach children "stranger danger," or "safety in numbers," and cyber security to teens?

Why do we enact laws to protect our land, property and lives?

Could all the above be because since we are humans, most of us understand that NOT all people love and respect us. There are individuals as criminals and rabid groups that seek first to harm us for their personal glory and gain, not our well-being. this is has been the imperfect story of mankind since the beginning; my 8th grade history teacher, Mr. Cecchino, told his class, "the only thing we learn from history, is that we don't." A wise person, or community, and country seeks security over laxness and complacency. And if we are wise and prepared, there should be no need for fear

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie