To the Editor,

Americans are supposed to have free speech and voice their opinions. TRUE. But what do you call opinions, NOT supported with examples and facts? I call it gossip, with malicious intentions, borderline propaganda, to achieve a goal contrary to reality. Criticism of President Trump has been heavy and over the top, not justified because the goal is a clear attempt to persuade his supporters to question him, then abandon him and empower his opponents to go in for the kill, and oust him out of office.

When it is written Trump has used his business expertise to get nominated and elected for the benefit of *President Trump, it should be cited as examples. On the contrary, we know Trump set aside an easy, comfortable, successful life to work harder than his campaign adversary, to win the election forego the 2 million term salary, pass his empire to his sons and put his family under unfair scrutiny. This was for his benefit? Think again. From day one, right out of the gate, (even before inauguration day,) Trump has met with CEOS, union leaders, minority leaders, and more foreign leaders in just 3 weeks than I can recall any former president doing in much longer periods. His business savvy is being used for America's benefit, NOT his. So if you choose to let the train go by, it is your decision and loss.

The description of a train with one gilded car and all others in Nazi cattle cars is so offensive. Terms of this type of exaggeration are rampant lately, like some Democrats citing Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Disaster as comparisons to General Flynn resignation (no crime committed). Is this not an insult to the 1,000s who died in these events? It is Trump's opponents that are being bombastic in their rhetoric and false opinion examples. If this is not fake opinion, I call it gross negligence of opinion. Fake opinion tries to promote a false agenda and persuade others to follow.

What I interpret in the old frog and scorpion story is that the scorpion is the negative story thrown out to get the Trumpian frog to do all the work and convince him to carry him across the pond filled with lilies of past reckless policies and then when safety is gained on the other side, forget to say thank you and sting the hard-working frog. Children's stories and nursery rhymes often have a meaning. Only the wise owl can recognize the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Freedom of speech reigns, but false opinions and accusations, I refer to as cow dung.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie