To the Editor,

Much has been said, too much actually, about the recent resignation of a football coach. Realizing that such things happen, and the reasons for it to occur also, using this incident to lambast each other does nothing but to sate our egos and further agendas contrary to well-being of our school district and its core purpose of preparing our students to become good people able to contribute positively to our community, and beyond. Do we lay down the unfounded conspiracy theories and continuous personal animosities and show them by an example of how to handle such mistakes when made? Or stay the course that illustrates nothing but our pettiness and distrust of each other?

Granted that things should be investigated and the appropriate actions taken to hopefully prevent their reoccurring. But they do happen. Let us show what is good about the character of our WISD and not what is discerning about our own. We are better than that. And we are being watched by those who are the reason we have a school district in the first place. Let us model the behavior we want to see and will be a positive counterbalance of a most unfortunate incident.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie