WAXAHACHIE — Producing high-dollar media content on a small business budget is what one local couple strives to offer Ellis County as they fight for the “little guy” in a media-giant world.

“I really wanted to see what worked for other businesses, not only to help my business but to help other businesses too,” began Ty Sherrell, CEO and President of FX Web Media. “I like to figure out what works and doesn’t work.”

“Not only that but especially in today’s time, we’re all media driven,” added Khristy Sherrel, Chief Financial Officer, and wife of Ty. “Whereas before it started by word of mouth, and then slowly the internet started coming along and now people like to watch videos all the time.”

“They want to know you and want to put a face to what’s happening - videos are able to capture it so much more than anything else,” she included.

Established in 2001, FX Wed Media was created out of a desire to help promote and distribute Hollywood-style content for the every day "mom-and-pop" businesses.

“I started back when I was about 18 years old and started building websites, and went from that and got into television production with a studio in Dallas. I got to shadow people and grew from there, and got into the trends that were working for people,” Mr. Sherrell recalled.

“Coming from Dallas, he wanted to support small and local businesses instead of using big brand names to do the same thing a local could do,” Mrs. Sherrell conveyed. “When you’re given the right opportunity, building relationships with the community, it’s just fun to be a part of the community and be an asset too.”

The Sherrell’s creative productions have served with well-known partners, such as Redwood Scientific Technologies, ProLongz, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, Toby Keith, Ford, Alkami, Dodge, Texas Association of Business, Lillian Custom Homes, First Look, Grammy award winning Gospel Artist, Fred Hammond, and much more.

From professional gear used to create web and print designs, TV commercials, social media marketing, motion graphics and script writing, this one-stop shop offers everything to help a budding business succeed in a digital world.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with big companies and big corporations out in LA doing infomercials,” Mr. Sherrel explained the content he’s produced for TLC and the Travel Chanel. “So when we produce these, I get to learn from these multimillion dollar companies on what they do for marketing.”

“I’ll take a business and say, ‘Hey, this is how this can work for you. Let’s try this strategy that we can do in three months.’ And in three months they go from reaching absolutely nobody to 75,000 people a week through graphics, video, and things people want to see. And a lot of them have increased their business 20 to 30 percent just off of social media alone,” he articulated.

The Midlothian residents are passionate to see all of Ellis County thrive, especially their hometown Waxahachie, and to share their learned knowledge with the rest of the community.

“I like to get with businesses that don’t understand social media,” Mr. Sherrell expressed. “They know they need it, but they just don’t know how. And I like to come in and say, ‘You can save all this money, whatever you’re throwing it, and put a quarter of that here,’ and their business grows - that’s fun to me.”

“I like to share information and knowledge with other people. I’m not opposed to taking something from a multimillion-dollar company and giving it to a mom-and-pop business and say, ‘Hey, this will turn your company around.’ I like sharing knowledge and vendors because I don’t think about the dollar first, I think about what makes them succeed,” he clarified.

“Initially it was hard to get businesses to take in the idea of spending the money or doing something with a new medium,” Mrs. Sherrell recollected their start in Ellis County. “But we didn’t have to go to Dallas or Hollywood to get some big business; we could do it here locally. People were slowly starting to understand that we’re all here to work together and be together, and the community learned to trust its own.”

Building long-term relationships with neighboring industries and clients, Mr. Sherrell guarantees a gold-star standard across the board, regardless of occupational size.

“People think that’s it's so expensive to do a video when it’s not. It’s too easy to advertise now and what we like to do is tell businesses that it’s really easy to do this and you don’t have to spend and arm and a leg to do it,” Mr. Sherrell revealed.

“We had a pool company come to us and say, ‘This is all I have.’ And we rolled out the red carpet for them and said, ‘Hey, we know you’re going to succeed, so we’re going to do all of this for you.’ And they came with a tiny budget, and we said 'It’s cool, let's do it,'" he described.

Not only does FX Web Media engage Ellis County and the DFW area through quality productions, but also implores opportunities to local filmmakers and media gurus to join their team.

“A lot of the crew I hire is from around here,” Mr. Sherrell acknowledged. “I try to connect with others in the area, so many people out of Waxahachie and Midlothian were a part of our crews.”

“I’ve had everything from high school students to people going to college that just want to be on set and learn - I encourage it because I know how valuable that is. If there’s someone passionate about film, come out and learn it with us,” he confirmed.

“There are so many opportunities that someone could just reach out,” Mrs. Sherrell encouraged. “The person who thinks they’re done learning is the craziest person ever. So we’re not done learning.”

With plans to establish a photography and video studio in Waxahachie and working with feature film and TV show companies in Los Angeles, the Midlothian residents are continuing down a path to make “the little guy” known.

“If you’re passionate about your business, we’re going to be passionate about your business too, and that to me is what sets us apart,” Mr. Sherrell heartened.

“We're two local people from a small town that just want to do big things for the community, for us, and for our families. We want to remind people to invest in themselves, and I think they forget that they deserve it, and can do it without breaking the bank. And we’d like to help make your business known and put you on the map so we can all continue to grow,” Mrs. Sherrell concluded.

To connect with FX Web Media, visit fxwebmedia.com or call (214)-325-9219.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer