To the Editor,

The next step is to actually get things done. Let's see just how promises will be fulfilled, how many lives will improve, just how many will be served by their vote. We have seen the appointment of fringe elements and Washington insiders. People that have been part of the establishment who adversely affect positive change being considered to head agencies and cabinet posts.

The Republican establishment is vowing to change the lives of the elderly and needy by reversing what was promised to allow benefit to those who don't need any help. And I dare say that any promised freedoms will dry up well before they trickle down to the common citizen thirsting for such while those who promised that bathe in gilded pools. All the while the mechanisms of past fascism will be dressed in the flag to make America great again, so the saying goes.

Sorry but nothing new will come from the election. No surge in American pride or greatness. Basically, the new car has been bought. Those making the payments will watch from the side of the road, again, as those who promised to give them a seat in the car ride by oblivious to what is happening on the other side of the elitist tinted windows. But then again, they got what they voted for, not what they need. And the beat goes on.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie