To the Editor,

Off the wall of principle surrounding the privileged few flows the blood of the poor and the needy. Once used, their empty lives are thrown to the scavengers who fight over anything left to feed on. The blood then pools and again floods the now toxic fields where once hope was grown and equity was harvested. It runs down the alleys behind closed businesses and factories, past deteriorating homes where people once proud and productive watch their children's futures get washed away in torrents of greed, a few spared to keep a constant source to sustain the flow. And the powerful roll an empty cask of promises down from the heights where their mansions are built upon the lives of the oppressed and watch the people clamor to get a lick of the dregs within. This is done for their entertainment and their need for an infinite source to keep mainlining their narcissism and greed. And the people gather below the gates to receive more and pray to be touched by the gilded hand while destroying each other trying to be first in line, only to be gathered and used against that wall once again. And they call it freedom.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie.